Friday, 1 October 2010

Update your Ninjabread RSS

Hi Ninjabread fans. You may think I've died and fallen off the face of the planet.

But no. It's just Ninjabread's transitioned from Blogger to Wordpress a few months ago. And that mucked up the RSS feed.

But don't fear, you can still get your fix of Ninjabread goodness from the new RSS feed. To subscribe, simply go to and find the RSS at the top right of the page.

Alternatively, you need to unsubscribe from and subscribe to

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Ninjabread Comic 24c - Befriending Minotaurs

And finally we come to the conclusion of this week's story arc. Now you're truly ready for the weekend.

This is what all three parts look like assembled into one continuous piece.

Ninjabread Comic 24

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ninjabread Comic 24b - More Munting Minotaurs

I present part two of this week's strip. I do quite like this new shorter format for doing things, which brother gaming comic Gone to Ground has been toying with too. I feel I must paste all three parts together, but I have yet to work out a way that'd do that without messing up the archives.

And, here's what I think happens when Van Gogh collides with the world of DC Comics. Specifically the original Jay Garrick Flash, who as you all know gained the power of super speed by inhaling hard water vapours.

Van Gogh Jay Garrick.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Ninjabread Comic 24a - Minotaurs

Something of an experiment's happening at the moment. This week's strip has been sliced into three and it will appear serialised today, Wednesday and Friday. Why? Makes you come back to the site more, and appeals to those people with short attention spans.

Do let me know what you think of this plan, or indeed anything I do by leaving a comment.

I leave you all with this charming animation about making cats go woof.

Up in a sec.  Just need to put the cat out.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

First Thousand Son - Project Change XXII

I'm continuing my focus on the Thousand Sons with the classic 1990 Jes Goodwin Thousand Son.

Jes Goodwin's first Thousand Son

I've got ten of them! It's taken months and months of trawling through eBay, buying one here and one there and now I finally got enough for a complete squad without paying more than a couple of quid each. They've stripped back beautifully too. In fact, I have one too many (the last auction I won was for a group of four) so I can test a second scheme out before deciding how the squad'll be done.

As I've just started reading A Thousand Sons, I thought I'd try implementing the colour scheme on the excellent Neil Roberts cover artwork.

A Thousand Sons

As you can see, Neil's interpretation of the Heresy-era Thousand Sons features quite understated headpieces, leaving plenty of scope for them to get corrupted by the time the Battle of Terra comes.

This is an awesome model. The early 1980s Chaos Renegades were sculpted by the Michael and Alan Perry and Kev Adams. This was at a time when Chaos had a yet undeveloped visual identity, and so most models were unique mindfracks with crazy bespoke armour. They involved a lot of cross-over from the design of the 1980s Chaos Warrior, with elements or H. R. Giger thrown in. Though the sculpting quality was a tad primitive, they were full of a vibrant creativity. Here are two. (Hell, I've been whining about doing red without it looking Khornate too long now so I just went and painted a World Eater.)

Retro Renegades

Then, in 1990 a young Jes Goodwin came along and produced a renegade model for each major Chaos God. At about the same time Jes was working on the then-new mk7 Space Marine armour (which endures through to this day), and he took a lot of the design elements through into these Renegades. So much so they'd not look out of place in modern 40K armies, despite being 20 years old.

Jes Goodwin's cult marines

Interestingly, this is the first type the Egyptian motif appears for Tzeentch. Prior to this, Thousand Sons were just gribbly fungus bird marines.

And finally, I'm not sure if I'm cheating the terms of Project Change here (i.e. no conversions), but rather than model the first of the Marines with the Chaos Renegade backpack, I chose the mk7 Imperial backpack. Neil Robert's illustration doesn't feature the debased stabilser jets of Chaos backpacks (which I've written about at length here). Ah well, I've got another nine to paint with the correct backpacks.

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