Tuesday, 28 November 2006

And rockets blazed through the sky

Had a great idea this week while I was doing the obligitary army list rewrite: GRENADIERS!

Yes, this doctrine drastically alters the whole feel of my army. The squats' current outings to date have felt slightly wrong. The infantry stood around and acted as cannon fodder while the rest of the army ... well ... my entire army was infantry. They didn't feel like the mean-lean (by which I mean 'damned podgy') ballistic machine squats were. But grenadiers! Grenadiers! I can field my infantry platoons as troop-choice storm troopers, and I need not sing of how rock storm troopers are. They're sufficiently rock for squats.

One problem is the lack of heavy weaponry, but since everyone's been telling me not to field such firepower in infantry squads then this problem is just another step forward.

I've found some meltguns for my bikers, and I'm currently converting up their vet serg, though it peeves me slightly he can't get a power fist. He might be a candidate for the Honorifica Imperialis now that I've stopped taking my Hearthguard as hardened vet's.


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