Monday, 13 November 2006

The Beginning

Last time I collected a 40k force (Waaagh! Robobeard) I kept a diary with photos to chronicle my progress. I thought I'd do the same for this squat army so I could record the evolution of the army from its hunble origins to its full tournament-pounding majesty.

Here it is in its early stages. It's not the very beginning as I already have most of the models, and they have seen battle before. But I find that with every army I collect they only get off the ground after many false starts. My squats have now reached the critical mass of interest and effort that will push them forward into being a proper tabletop army.

The pic's of some gnarly half-stripped Ironclaw squats. I found them in the garage in a jar having started nitromorsing them about 4 years ago. They should clean up nicely despite the complete state they're in. I think this picture nicely sums up the state the entire army is in at the moment.


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