Thursday, 23 November 2006

Eventually, time corrodes the brain to rust

I took on Ben's Tau Empire last night, and lost.

But it was not as much of a panning as I got at the hands of Matt's Night Lords last week. We played Cleanse, each had a our own plus a neutral quarter - but Ben won by about 300 VP's of casualities. The game was good, but it was raining so the floor of the club began to flood, destroying my copies of the giard codex for the second time (glad they're only copies). Uuuh, it's a grim place that cellar.

I had a completely legal army this time, and slightly more balanced now I've replaced a lot of the heavy bolters with anti-tank weapons. I didn't feel under-gunned against all the Devilfish and Hammerheads, and the fire support squad's heavy bolters were able to chew up fire warriors.

My bikers (counts as rough riders) need an overhaul. Someone (maybe Tom) suggested I could give them hunting lances by sticking tiny spikes to the bikes' fairings. It would have the double advantage of obscuring the bolters and making them more wysiwyg. They desperately need them, and some meltaguns, and maybe a vet sarg with a powerfist to lay down some carnage. They're woefully ineffectual at the moment.

Going to see if I can paint an entire infantry platoon for next week, they look really muddled on the battlefield now the novelty of being all stripped ans shiny has worn off.


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