Monday, 20 November 2006

Like I could shot the moon

Caro's got a lovely new camera with supermacro, and it takes photos of my squats that are so sharp it really shows up my dodgy painting. (Well, it's not dodgy, it's just army-standard). Here's some pics of my first fully-painted squad. Yup, they're all ever-so-slightly different schemes because I was experimenting with different mixes, buy I like the slight variety it adds and I may implement it throughout the army.

This isn't quite a proper command squads, there's no medic or standard. It's really just my 'junior officer' (with that grey beard?!) and four random infantry.

I've also been rejigging my infantry squads now I've go a tonne of plastic arms and weapons stripped. I shall be fielding a legal army this week, which should perform fairly-solidly against marines now I've slipped in some more rockets and plasma guns. I'd like to get some meltas, but I don't have the models (I can find at least 3 with meltas in the catalogues). I do have a few multi-meltas though, but I'm having a dilemna whether they'd be wysiwyg or not.

Talking about wysiwyg I'm trying to remove all the boltguns from the army. I planned to do it after I had reached 1500 painted points, but now I've found this fantastic brake-fluid which strips all my old plastic lasguns I can do it straight-away. It also saves me painting models that I will eventually phase-out. I just wish there was a way of getting the model into the army as I love them muchly.


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