Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The missile can fly

Sharp-shooters! A way of partially-compensating for the discrepancy between my bs4 'grenadier' troop choices and my bs3 support squads. I've taken it over xenos-fighters: tyranids to give the army more of a battlefield-kick, and as I will encounter 'nids very rarely. It was a nice touch, but I would've wanted it for orks and eldar too as squats are entirely fuelled by hatred. Oh, how 'second-ed'.

This is the third version of my list. It's a radical departure from last week now I've changed my doctrines drastically. I'm also rather chuffed with the presentation of the list. Need to find a better stencil font though.

Click for readable.


Posted by Curis at 9:58 am


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