Thursday, 16 November 2006

Too many Rhinos

My squats had their first battlefield outing last night - versus Matt's Night Lords. They were massacred, the 1500pt army reduced to just 2 models at the start of my fifth turn. All their heavy bolters really struggled against the power armour of the Night Lords they were facing, so I'm going to switch them all for rocket launchers and keep heavy bolters in the fire support squads. Main reason I lost was because I suck.

The list I took had lots of mistakes in, like standard bearers in infantry platoon command squads. I will correct all the mistakes and seriously tweak the list for some more games next week. At least the hilariously-bad performance was only in front of Matt. One thing did go right though - Warmaster Gorun! He was power fisted to death by a biker champion, but came back thanks to his bionics (his jewelled eye). Yehah! He was one of only two models that suvived, the other was Trooper Doublehard McBiker.

Well, some experience, and I'm glad I got the army to a sufficient state it can see the battlefield without any missing limbs or weapons or models. And at least it's in a better state on its first outing than the majority of armies that regularly get fielded at Workshop's games night.


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