Thursday, 28 December 2006

Build god, then we'll talk

First game for a number of weeks, I've been building some new terrain and doing all the faff that goes with Christmas. But this evening I fought Glenn's Necrons, and lost (again). I largely attribute this to him taking a Monolith and the Deceiver, and then sneakily hiding a unit of warriors for the entire game so his army didn't phase out and not on my own tactical decisions. Only lost by 140ish VP's!

I've got a real feel for the army now, and the chimeras I've added really help lay down some firepower while sheltering my vulnerable infantry squads. I just feel a little bad for collecting and painting an entire squad for them only to spend the whole battle off the table where they cannot be feared or admired. Puts me off doing an entirely mechanised army.

Warmaster Gorun went up against the C'tan in combat, sporting his shiny new refractor field. I was so glad I got it when the God's five attacks only resulted in one wound, and was prepared to 5+ it away until Glenn pointed out you don't get any invulnerables. 'Oh well' I though, 'Gorun will just get back up with his bionics just like Glenn's entire damned army has been doing all game', until Glenn pointed out that bionics don't help either. I hate the Necron list's slew of alterations, exemptions and errata to previous rules. The Monolith has so many rules that when they're fielded it is its own separate games system.

But it was a great game nonetheless. Might add some ratlings if I have the face the Deceiver again.


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Wednesday, 13 December 2006


POW! SMASH! FLAP! GRIN! BATSQUAT! The beastie this blog is named after. Half bat - half squat. Now fully-painted, awaiting his cronies (claw-lad, tentacle-head ...).



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Sunday, 10 December 2006


No games last week, just some Space Munchkin 1 & 2. Shame as I'd brought my army and hastily half-assembled my Chimera.

Not much development at the moment, just some nice evenings in painting. Almost got three squads done now, and having a fully-painted 1500 force looks to be a reality that isn't that far off.

Oval bases! I got these from a PVC Transformers figure and they're perfect for my bikers. I didn't want to use cavalry bases as they were square, and everyhting else in my army will be based on round. But they only bases big enough to put my bikers on are the 60mm round, and then they're impossibhle to get into combat and take up too much space on the table. It does help against blast weapons though. Oval are great as there's no extraneous space around the sides, and they're round(ish). Just got to find seven more now.

Hoping to start playing with a 500 pt force for next year's doubles tournament, probably with Matt's Eldar (or more likely his Night Lords).


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Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Inside this business of the gun

Two more complete and utter defeats last week, one at the hands of Hemmingway’s marines, and the other at Turpin’s Night Lords (again). I thought the only weakness in the army was the flamers I armed some of the ‘storm trooper’ squads with (lacking any other special weapon models). Everyone is against my idea of the grenadiers doctrine, saying I need more men on the table to soak up firepower. I agree, though I liked not having to deploy entire platoons while my opponent deftly deployed a unit of five marines. I think adding a couple of chimeras to the infantry platoons will help balance the army, and let me hide squads inside so they’re not just crowding up my deployment zone. At least two, maybe three. At least downgrading everybody to trooper status avoids the dilemma of how to distinguish squats with lasguns from squats with ‘hellguns’. (I was thinking backpacks all round.)

On an even more structural level, I’ve been collecting all the FAQs and tournament packs in a huge reference folder. And Appendix One in GW’s 2006 40k GT pack details the ‘Counts as’ Rule. I might be able to use my squats with boltguns (and I have lots of them) as squats with lasguns in a proper tournament capacity. This’ll be useful now I need more troopers to bulk out my ranks. I think I’ll make a squad exclusively las or bolt weaponry. Oh, in fact I could put lascannons in the lasguns squads and heavy bolters in the boltguns squad. Maybe even separate them into las and bolter platoon. I am loving this idea. And carry the change through to the attached chimeras’ turrets with their multi-lasers and heavy bolters. Rock!


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