Sunday, 10 December 2006


No games last week, just some Space Munchkin 1 & 2. Shame as I'd brought my army and hastily half-assembled my Chimera.

Not much development at the moment, just some nice evenings in painting. Almost got three squads done now, and having a fully-painted 1500 force looks to be a reality that isn't that far off.

Oval bases! I got these from a PVC Transformers figure and they're perfect for my bikers. I didn't want to use cavalry bases as they were square, and everyhting else in my army will be based on round. But they only bases big enough to put my bikers on are the 60mm round, and then they're impossibhle to get into combat and take up too much space on the table. It does help against blast weapons though. Oval are great as there's no extraneous space around the sides, and they're round(ish). Just got to find seven more now.

Hoping to start playing with a 500 pt force for next year's doubles tournament, probably with Matt's Eldar (or more likely his Night Lords).


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