Saturday, 13 January 2007

A box whose secrets are open

I've seen a lot of fuss over dropping guard armies of late on the various forums, and so I thought I'd also get in on the act. How do squats drop? Well, my exo-armour have been teleporting, but a squat army would not do that en masse. Oh no. They would tunnel! Oh yes! Termites! Moles! Mighty dock-off Hellbores! So work has begun on modelling these classic war machines.

Just made out of a Humbrol lid with some card, and a CD for a base, but the main shape has come together really nicely.

I won't be using these with the VDR rules. They'll have no game impact, but just look incredibly cool left on the board whenever squads deep strike. And they'll make for nice themed display pieces when this army gets transported to tournaments.

Speaking of transporting my models, I got fed up this week carrying around my Chimeras and Russ and bikes and Rapiers in a shoebox while my infantry lorded it up in a proper old GW carrycase. I've always resented the newer style of cases because of the giant Imperial Eagle and the brazen "GAMES WORKSHOP" emblazoned across the outside. Well, I bought a case and took a sander to it.

Aha! How did I get it so smooth?! "Surely you would have sanded through the case before you'd got the Eagle off as it's cheap and nasty thin plastic?!" I hear you cry. Well, I did sand 4 holes in teh case and still the Eagle remained. But I expected as much, and so I bought two sheets of thick black plasticard which I cut to shape and glued over the top to give a nice crisp clean smooth lid. Hurrah, a nondescript case that no-one will ever suspect carries geeky toys. I might stick a small badge on it in the corner to give the impression it's a musical instrument case.


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