Monday, 8 January 2007

City of delusion

The worst thing about squats is other people's attempts to revive them. I don't see my army as championing there cause - I've accepted that squats have no place in 40K and Workshop have moved on. I just so happen to own a lot of old models I really rather love. And I always construct my armies around a quirk or a very strong theme in order to give them a proper identity. I like making my armies unique, and making a guard army from squats almost guarantees that.

With my army I've been very careful to avoid using dwarf pieces. I think sticking a bolter on a dwarf is not only lazy, but also a fundamental misunderstanding of what squats were. They were space dwarfs, but never wore chainmail and shot space crossbows. It's why I cringe when I see conversions like this:

However, occasionally someone does something right, and creates a modern day squat that proves the dwarf archetype still fits in the 40K Universe.


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