Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Models for the programme

Corr, New Year. The year that Warmaster Gorun's Squat Legion will burst onto the tournament scene, like an overripe tomato. Not many updates as club time has been spent putting together some decent terrain (which matches my army's basing scheme) instead of gaming.

I call it 'low-ambition terrain' because it's not detailed and didn't take too long to make. All the previous terrain projects the club has undertaken have run out of steam as they're too complex (eg, modular Cityfight boards) leaving us with unfinished pieces on half-done boards. The other advantage of this terrain over the more elaborate approach is that it's perfect for heavy-gaming.

Finished almost four squads of squats now, and it's time some of them had their photos taken. I took these especially for the Wikipedia Squat entry which I hope to adopt. It's a fairly small-scope project revamping the Squat entry, and it doesn't get editted too often by the more opinionated.

I hope Batsquat will eventually evolve into a Squat resource rather than just an army blog eventually. It will grow in scope as my army grows in size.


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