Sunday, 14 January 2007

Part of the plan

I discarded my earlier attempt at a Termite, as it was too, well, crap. I've spent the evening with a soldering iron and plasticard bashing this model out instead, which I think you'll agree, fits far better with the established Imperial stylings of my army. I need to finesse the tracking sections, and work out how to give it a nice earthy feel. I'd like to try giving it a coat of Ruffkoat (or whatever GW call it), but I've heard it's insanely temperamental and faffly. I need to make it feel like it's been tunneling under the earth, and not just rolled off the production line.

If my life was a comic book, I've retconned yesterday's attempt as a proof-of-concept. Or perhaps this the Termite built by my Earth-2 self.


Posted by Curis at 11:17 pm


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