Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Like a mole

Since I'm thinkng about Termites a lot, I think it's time for a brief history of Drill Tanks. Most famous tunneling machine in pop culture is the Mole out of Thunderbirds. It popped off its carriage, drilled underground and rescued people. It's a great design, a triumph of function over form.

Can't say if it's the first ever Drill Tank, but it's the most recognisable.

There've been many over the years. Space Sheriff Gavan had one that was bizarrely similar. In fact, it was just 2 Moles stuck together. Kind of like a tandem I imagine.

Japan likes the idea a lot. They brought out a lot of Transformers with a Drill Tank alt-mode.

Then Games Workshop came onto the scene. Squats were synonymous with tunneling technology as they lived in Space Caves, and they introduced not one, but three, Imperial tunneling machines similar to the Mole. In fact, you could say they were straight rips, but as form follows function they didn't have much choice. In fact, one of them is even called the Mole in order to drill home the homage (hahahah).


And then in the 90's, Epicast did a 40K scale Termite.

I think mine's better.


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