Thursday, 25 January 2007

This apparatus must be unearth

I finished my Termite last night, but the glue on the base wasn't dry so I let photographing it to today. And my golly, if I can say so myself I am rather impressed with how well this has turned out.

And with all that photography, I couldn't resist a quick play 'shopping it GW Box Style. Well, it's not quite their house style, as they don't have muzzle flash coming off every single muzzle, barrel and tube.

I love the Marine Scout box, with these two firing their weapons so nonchalantly. It's the Photoshop equivalent of painting all your weapons with Blood Red, and then anything else with an edge with some Blood Red. And then putting a few more Blood Red gore patches on anything painted silver for good measure.

In fact, I might mock-up some more modern renditions of my Squat boxes to take to tournaments with me. Get them shrink-wrapped and lie to all the kids at Games Workshop I got them from pre-order...


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