Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dreaming in colour

I like to relax colouring in other people's comics. Here's a panel from a page I've been fiddling with tonight. You can find the rather funky originals here. They're rather good.

I keep meaning to do something similar myself with Squats, only miniature-related comics are essentially niche squared. Maybe as a series of connected one-offs in the framework of something bigger.


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Monday, 5 February 2007

Time for the massive come sing ya

I never understood Tarantulas. Firstly, I couldn't see where the name came from, as I could only ever count 4 legs. Or 3 in the case of the plastic Space Crusade versions. But then again, the Rapier Laser Destroyer looked nothing like a rapier, the Chimera didn't have a lion head or snake tail, and the Basilisk didn't slither along the floor. (The Mole Mortar fired shells that burrowed underground like moles though, and the Hellhound spat flame though, so there is reason to suspect some logic). Having 4 legs I reckon they should have been named after something with 4 legs, like a Rhino. Hang on...

The other reason I didn't like them was they always seemed shoe-horned into armies. It was fine in Rogue Trader where the Universe was vast and under-developed, but by the time 2nd ed rolled around they were just included as afterthoughts in the codices. The way they hovered off the ground and performed pop-up attacks didn't gel with the state of anti-grav tech in the 40K universe. They were forgotten, until Forge World seriously beefed them up and revamped the concept. I'm glad they've done the same thing to the Thudd Gun too, I'm just waiting for the Rapier Laser Destroyers.

You may have noticed I've started adding a couple of links to other notable Squat sites on the right. I hate the idea of new gamers looking for Squat info and coming across, erm, across gems like this from 1997 - Mike's Page - and this Squat Pitt. Have a poke around.


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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Born on a Sunday

Got all my painting done I said I would yesterday - almost. I've not varnished the fellas yet as I can't find my varnishing brush. Most of my models are varnished with brush-on Testors Dullcote, and then their reflective red visors are given about 4 coats of Vallejo Gloss. Not sure what to do with the vehicles, might see if I can find some Testors in spray format.

It makes me a lot happier about the current state of the army, seeing it all lined up on my old 'army board'. Traditionally, my armies pose on this board while they're being assembled as it's just the right size and thickness. It's actually a board I undercoated black back in school and wrote my name on, but never painted anything on. I think it is destined for greatness one day, it is happy holding my armies until Fate decides the day has come for me to paint a masterpiece on its receptive primed surface.

Click for bigger, and see the sorry state half my army in currently in.

I also bought a Rhino last week for my Hearthguard. I didn't want a third Chimera as I'd go mad painting them, and also as historically Squats had Rhinos in both Epic and 40K. Well, everyone did back then as the Chimera had not yet debuted in 28mm scale. Land Raiders and Rhinos were the staple of Imperial Guard armies, and hadn't yet been ret-conned to Marines only. I'll be fielding it as a transport for the Hearthguard who count as allied Inquisitoral Storm Troopers, though I am still a little worried about representing their hellguns.

(Note the modified vision slit - it's lower down as the crewmen aren't as tall.) I added the Imperial Guard storm bolter and not the Marine one as it fits the Guard aesthetic better. I think this is a little odd as another reason I had for adding it was to make the army less Imperial Guard and more Imperial in flavour. I might go a little further and add a Mk2b Pre-Heresy Pattern Forge World Land Raider, though it is a point-sink. Might be useful for the 1850pt tournaments though...


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Saturday, 3 February 2007


This week my army has seen reinforcements arrive thanks to not one, but two parcels from the very generous Aircav. Not only content with furnishing me with some much-needed plastic arms and lasweaponry, he also sent on three exo-armoured squats to bulk out my existing squad. Three cheers and many thanks to Aircav!

I now have a grand total of eleven of the heavily-armoured eggs-on-legs, allowing me to field two squads. I have used them in a couple of my games, but been disappointed with their fire-power. I field them as Grey Knights in power armour as it matches their armaments (bolt pistols and power weapons), but I'm tempted to experiment with Deathwatch rules. The first squat model I ever bought was one of these exo-armoured fellas, so he's going to be modelled and painted up as the leader, and found a suitably impressive name.

I think it's odd how in the 80s and 90s Workshop gave every army plastic arm sprues and metal torsos, and in the 00s they gave plastic models metal arms, (like the marine metal shoulder pads, the hybrid Dire Avengers). It's a reversal, much like the way plastic's become the mainstay of the line in place of metal. I wonder what else we'll see reversed in the coming years...

This blog's been not updated for a week or so now, largely because I never finish anything I've started painting. It's getting frustrated the way I tail off with paintjobs and drift into painting another unit. This Chimera's only half-done, and I'm bored. But now I've seen this quick photograph I've taken, I must say it looks rather impressive and intimidatingly military in its rich green. Majestic, like Thunderbird 2.

With tournaments looming I need to take a really disciplined approach to my work. It's not that I've been slacking off my painting, it's just I've become less focussed in my approach. By tomorrow I have challenged myself to finish off the following squads entirely:

Armoured Fists
Their Chimera
Rapier Laser Destroyers
2nd Infantry Platoon Squad

Which I can add to the command platoon and first infantry platoon squad that are now all finished and varnished.

To help get me motivated I'll also start drafting a glossy tournament list done in the style of the old Citadel Combat Cards.


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