Saturday, 28 April 2007

I'll be armed and ready

It's the deadline for army list submission for the Club Challenge today. Slipped mine in just before the noon deadline.

The CC requires you get your list in four weeks in advance, which allows the panel of judges to decide which 'band' it belongs in. Those four weeks could be used to tweak the list, and as my army's not fully painted yet it's bound to change as I fall out of love with various models and units.

On the plus side it does mean my army is 'locked' and I can't fiddle with it. It also means I'm very certain which units have still got to be painted and which are done.


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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Repair man

Squats used to be very well integrated into the Imperium. In the days of Rogue Trader it is told that they were able to hold positions in the priesthood and the Inquisition. (though there were never any models). Later, as the background imagery was developed and the Adeptus Mechanicus were fleshed out, Workshop released a Squat Adeptus Mechanicus alongside the human Adepts.

Squats were always a mechanically apt race, with even the regular battlfield trooper being able to mend weaponry. They had a very pragmatic approach ot technology completely at odds with the quasi-religious awe it was held in in the Imperium. Their technologies were lorded over by the Engineer Guilds and the Guildmasters who fulfilled an identical role on the battlefield to Techmarines.

Given this, I never understood why squats would enter the Adeptus Mechanicus. Why would they dedicate themselves to the Machine God? The religious differences between the Squats and the Imperium were pretty major, as the Squats had a system of ancestor worship that didn't quite gel with the idea of a God Emperor and the Imperial Cult. Somebody bright (probably in the priesthood) managed to fudge this all together by saying the spirits of the Squat ancestors were watched over by the Emperor - and everyone was happy.

This whole affair is an illustration of why Squats were dropped from the game. Most of their ideas were lifted directly from the dwarf background, and didn't fit at all in the 41st millenium. I reckon that if the dwarf archetype ever returns to 40K then it won't be a part of the Imperium, and their philosophy will be as pragmatic as their technology.


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Monday, 23 April 2007

New modifications

Now the pressure's off scraping my army together for the ETC I can take some time overhauling the hastily assembled units and develop them into proper showpieces. First up is my Russ Executioner.

The tournament made me notice some improvements I could make, mainly in choosing my vehicle upgrades. Out went the track guards. In came a set of double-width tracks (cliched yes, but ever-so-squatty), a searchlight, and an extra-width dozerblade. I also replaced the heavy bolter with an old-skool Squat one, which I plan to do with all my vehicles. I've finally got enough lasguns to replace the six in each Chimera.

Manning the old-skool heavy bolter is a barely-noticeable gunner peeping out the hatch. I also replaced the turret hatches, drilled out an aerial, and put a cigar-chomping heavy weapon commander in charge of it all.

Poor Russ. It started as regular Russ with sponsons, got converted into a Demolisher with a paint pot lid, got an Executioner turret and its sponson pulled off, and now it's been widened and extensively remodelled. What will its next exicitng adventure be?


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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Rock 'n' roll loser

I got back from the ETC qualifier this morning - I had a fantastic time! 3 great games, and a slew of new faces who may soon end up as regular opponents when I've moved house.

The top 7 qualified for places in Poland, and sadly I came 8th. Here's hoping that people mysteriously disappear...

Game 1 vs Sons of Dorn

I was massacred. First few turns went well with my mole mortars pinning his lascannon devestator squad so my Russ could drive about unmolested after turn one's night-fighting ended, but I was eventually massacred. My shooting phases were absolutely dismal and very few marines feel thanks to a combination of power armour, cover saves and damned medics. When my infantry platoon turned up they were in very tight formation and subsequently murdered by the 4 rocket launchers in his other devestator squad.

The interesting thing that cropped up from this game was the use of medipacks. The Sons of Dorn had one in most of its squads, which got very annoying when his marines I plasma gunned down got patched up by the medic. I always interpreted the rule that they ignore the first failed armour save to mean you don't get to use the medipack when the casualty was caused by a weapon with sufficient AP to deny armour saves. If you don't take a save, you can't fail it so you can't use the pack. However, Ben went on to argue that if that was the case then there was no need for the rules to go on and mention you couldn't use the medipack against power weapons. We agreed on his interpretation, and Matt also tells me that's how he plays it so I'm now happy that Ben's is the correct interpretation. However, it's still a grey area for me and I'm going to hunt for an official ruling to point to next time the discussion arises.

That rule makes medipacks a lot more worthwhile me taking. And also considering my command squads with 4 plasma guns suffered horribly at there own hands I desperately need to reinstate my medics. I love the Squat medic models too.

Interestingly, on the subject of medics, Living Ancestors (the elderly squat pyskers) used to have the same rules as medics back in the days of the Warhammer 40,000 compendium. I have been fielding them as allied Daemonhunter Inquisitors so they can take psychic powers and act respectfully on the battlefield. A lot of people have been suggesting I field them as sanctioned psykers, which are quite pathetic, and also use up a precious doctrine point for being restricted troops.

Game 2 vs Waaaagh! Fotheringham-Willoughby

Warmaster Gorun slaughtered the Warlord though - killing his first enemy general in his tournament career. I think a trophy is in order, though I don't want to disfigure the model itself, and sticking a head to the base is just 'Sunday Child'.

Regardless, I was massacred again.

Again, this game flagged an interesting point - the use of grot cover saves. He fielded a line of grots 2" apart spreading most of the 6' table. When I fired through them and used the screen to take cover saves he took the grot casualities caused by succesful ones not from the grots in front of the orks but from the ones on the extreme ends of the squad (up to 3' away). RAW (rules as written) say there's nothing wrong with this, and the grots just have to be removed from the squad rather than from within line of sight of the unit that caused their casualties as would be the case with firing at the grots directly.

I'd like to point out I'm not bitter about either of these, or regard them as bad sports. They were both fun games with sporting opponents. It just wakes me up to the general level of tournament play. RAW is the best way of interpreting rules as it's the only thing that can't be argued against.

Game 3 vs Drop Guard

Again, this lead to the surreal scenario of having both armies drop. We both enjoyed having our lasguns actually do something in the shooting phase, and it was a very bloody game as infantry squads gunned each other down in vicious fire-fights, and our meltaguns stalked each others' Russes. I don't have any photos of this game, which is a shame.

It was a fantastic time, and much of a learning experience for my army. It has been blooded on the tournament ground.

My biggest regret was that it was so unpainted. I hate using unpainted models, especially in tournaments. But with only 9 days' notice I had no choice. I just made sure everything was undercoated in keeping with Warhammer World policy. A lot of them weren't even assembled properly, and I look forward to going back and lovingly drill out their barrels and green stuff the arm gaps in the coming weeks.


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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Can't afford to die

My first (and last) 1850 practise game against Craig's marines. A massacre so horrible I've decided to utterly revamp the list.

My fundamental problem is the lack of men on the table. My expensive Grey Knight termies deny me a lot of cheap infantry that gives the army staying power. The infantry platoon I do have can't afford to die as they're the main scoring units in the army.

It seems a shame to drop my squat-eggs from the army for the ETC as I love the models so, and they're also painted. But I want to qualify, and I'm permitted unpainted models on account of the short notice period. I'm thinking of buying in some heavy weapon platoons to lay down some serious fire power, and give me a lot more man power.


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Monday, 16 April 2007

Bless those feet that you're standing on

I'm really enjoying painting up my exo-armoured hearthguard. They're frankly ridiculous models with bit bellies and flabby armoured manboobs. They also have ridiculously short legs which couldn't ever carry them anywhere, and little tiny medals on their shoulderpads.

I can't resist them. They're fun to paint, adn will eat up a lot of the 1850 points I have to field next weekend.


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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Christopher's river

Chimeras are amphibious. It's one of those rules that is so seldom used it's often forgotten, but last night I had my Chimeras drive through the club's river and revelled in it. Wallowed. Splashed about. Yeah! Made up for the fact I was utterly panned by Hemingway's marines.

However, today was the first game of 40k in ages, gearing up for the Club Challenge. We've all finally filled out our forms and some of us have even written cheques, so 40k fever is taking grip. Six weeks to bone up on my rules and paint a full 1500 points to a consistent standard. Might even be Warmaster Gorun's first painted outing.


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Monday, 9 April 2007

Heroes brought to life again

I used to have a Squat character in Inquisitor. Though we did a lot of 54mm Inquisitor, we found it worked better at 28mm because you didn't have to spend an age building giant terrain pieces.

The other guys he's with are an Astropath, Adeptus Mechanicus and a ... big-headed midget. That guy ran around with two digi-weapons and tried his damned hardest not to get shot in middle of his massive forehead.

The Astropath, like Warmaster Gorun, also had a Space Wars Combat Card!


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