Monday, 23 April 2007

New modifications

Now the pressure's off scraping my army together for the ETC I can take some time overhauling the hastily assembled units and develop them into proper showpieces. First up is my Russ Executioner.

The tournament made me notice some improvements I could make, mainly in choosing my vehicle upgrades. Out went the track guards. In came a set of double-width tracks (cliched yes, but ever-so-squatty), a searchlight, and an extra-width dozerblade. I also replaced the heavy bolter with an old-skool Squat one, which I plan to do with all my vehicles. I've finally got enough lasguns to replace the six in each Chimera.

Manning the old-skool heavy bolter is a barely-noticeable gunner peeping out the hatch. I also replaced the turret hatches, drilled out an aerial, and put a cigar-chomping heavy weapon commander in charge of it all.

Poor Russ. It started as regular Russ with sponsons, got converted into a Demolisher with a paint pot lid, got an Executioner turret and its sponson pulled off, and now it's been widened and extensively remodelled. What will its next exicitng adventure be?


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