Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I've been rolling down the assembly line

I've finished refitting my Techpriest's personal Chimera. One of the annoying things about taking an unfinished army to the European Team Championship was that it had to be undercoated to be fielded at Warhammer World. I hadn't finished converting a lot of my models, but hurriedly sprayed them to get them on the table. It's nice going back and finally finishing their assemblies.

More pics of the Techpriest further down.

I fitted new track guards, added a searchlight, drilled out new bullet holes. I also replaced the hull heavy bolter and lasguns with old skool squat ones. I but down the multilaser to make it stubbier and more squatty, and made the pintle-mounted heavy stubber a coaxial one instead. (It's so hard to stick on a searchlight and a pintle stubber and an open hatch.) Making the weapon coaxial also makes it look more techy and non-standard, which is exactly what I want.

And, I also cut up my much-cherished 2nd Techpriest to stick in the turret. It took me ages deliberating as it's such a valuable and cool model, and there weren't even any casting defects I could justify it with. But at the end of the day they're models and that's what you are meant to do with them, have fun and make something unique. And I couldn't really have regular Squat infantry poking out the hatches as it feels almost like proxying.

As I had already stuck two squat infantry firing out the rear top hatch I had to tear them off, and then try closing the doors. Unfortunately that mangled the doors and I had to improvise some replacements out of various vehicle parts. But at the end of the day, they make the Chimera look even more non-standard and Adeptus Mechanical.

Now I've just got to work out how much of it to paint red. I'd like to do it all red, but that would stick out in an army all done in green and brown. Craig's suggested painting it the same green as my other vehicles with red cog patterns on, which I may try.


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