Monday, 14 May 2007


More pics of the Termite here.

First of the two special weapons squads are finished. Need to find some more meltaguns for my other one as I've got converted bikers holdings old marine meltaguns that are far too big for them.

One of my special weapon squads tore apart Ben's Chaos Terminator unit on Wednesday. We were playing recon and he deepstruck them in the midst of my lines and promptly combi-meltaed my Russ. But as they were so closely packed I deepstruck both my special weapon teams next to them and really enjoyed putting every model under the blast.

The squad was lead by his Chaos Lord in Terminator armour, so taking it out was a real priority and a good deal of victory points. And since they were a scoring units in my deployment zone they earned him lots of victory points, (it was a Recon).

Boom! All gone except the lord who promptly got meltaed by the other squad.

One of the finer points of using the demo charges is to shoot your other squads close by first, and then the rest of the squad's weapons. There's such a huge chance of it scattering you need to make sure any casualties on your own side had their chance to fire first.

That's why I so love my drop infantry army. (Well, tunelling army.) You have the flexibility to reinforce your own lines, strike out for objectives or run around your enemy's rear and melta their tanks.


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