Thursday, 17 May 2007

When the darkness must win

Playing with or against Grey Knights instantly grounds the game in a back story. Why have these elite defenders of the Imperium been summoned en masse to fight? What force was reckoned so evil that a Grand Master personally went to confront it himself?

Warmaster Gorun's Squat Legion of course! In one turn they dropped down and annihilated his entire Terminator retinue and knocked him down to just one wound.

I've had some very resounding successes against Terminators recently. The veteran Astartes disappear under the wealth firepower my army can bring to bear. Last week Ben's Chaos Terminators and their Lord were wiped out immediately after the deepstruck behind my lines, and the week before that my Demolisher was single-handedly responsible for taking out an entire Squad of Craig's Terminators and the accompanying Librarian. He'd also chosen to deepstrike them behind my lines, but unfortunately scattered right on top of my Russ.

Craig, however, did get his own back this week on the desert board this week. The sparse terrain combined with the mission's Alpha rating forced all 11 of my squads to deploy in the open where they were systematically torn apart.

(I apologise for the exceptionally poor picture quality today - I really should use something better than my camera phone.)


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