Thursday, 10 May 2007

Your big mushroom cloud

Matt's taking his High Elves to the Club Challenge, but instead of cramming in more tournament practise against Hey Steve's Dwarfs he kindly agreed to play me at some 40K.

I lost horribly last time.

I lost horrbily the time before that.
And this time I lost horribly too. I just can't cope with those damn Raptors hit and running. I've got so many units they can always find another unit to lock themselves in another combat with and avoid being targeted in the shooting phase.

Ah well. At least my army's considerably more painted than last time.

My standard tactic for dealing with close combat beasties is to throw more infantry at them, allowing the rest of my army to get on. But their damned disengaging from combat was rather annoying. The only tactic I came up with to combat this is to exterminate with extreme prejudice, which I duly did in my next game against Ben.

His Red Corsair army has a unit of Raptor beasties, and I hit them with everything I had when they broke cover. They were mauled and ran off the board. I was chuffed, and eventually managed a rather tasty draw against his Imperial deserters.


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