Thursday, 22 November 2007

I'll be armed and ready

Lot of last minute Heat 3 prep at the moment - painting and printing. Had my final two practice games for the GT this today and yesterday. One win at Dice Not, one draw at Flame On. Going down tomorrow morning, so the night'll be spent basing Squats.

I drastically redesigned the entire army Sunday night, even choosing an entirely different set of doctrines. As such, the painting aspect has gone entirely out the window and my army will be a slight mishmash of models. But, as I decided I didn't ever stand a chance of nominating, I'm fine with this. A little ashamed as I hate taking models that aren't my best, but happy that my list is finally working. Glenn has come to my aid once again lending me some Daemonhunter Stormtroopers.

The rewrite included adding a pair of Sentinels with Autocannons. I've converted these up, here's a WIP.

Squat sentinel baby - yeh!

I want to give them armoured moustaches like the Exo-armoured Hearthguard. Maybe after the tournament.

Meanwhile, it's everyday Transformers contest over at b3ta this week. Let's me wheel out one of my favourite images ever...

With two tape decks and a microphone/ I bang on my guitar

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

No more need for my hood?

And lo, the Lash of Submission did come and stomp on all around it. Thus did it triumph at Heat 2, as the Iron Warriors did at Heat 1. Glad I'm going to Heat 3, if only they could do something about Holo-Falcons.

La la la la CONGA!

But now the nasty dirty tactics that came about thanks to its vague wording might start to be curtailed with the latest Grand Tournament FAQ from the Warhammer World team:

Q. Could you please clarify how the Psychic Power “Lash of Submission” works?

A. The Lash of submission works as a standard psychic power, following all the normal shooting rules as per P52 of the main rulebook. If the power is successfully cast, the unit must be moved exactly 2D6” in the direction nominated by the Chaos
player. The unit may be arranged as the Chaos player wishes, so long as no model
moves more/less than the 2D6 roll, and the unit remains in unit coherency.

And the Tzeentch bikers that also featured in the Heat winner's armies have been slapped:

Q. If you buy a bike squad an Icon of Tzeentch, when they turbo boost do they receive the +1 to their invulnerable save, giving them a 2+ invulnerable save?

A. No, as they do not normally have an Invulnerable Save, the Icon would give the unit a permanent 5+ Invulnerable Save. If the unit then Turbo Boosted, they would only receive a 3+ Invulnerable Save for that turn.

And now, the world is a little closer to wargaming harmony.

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Monday, 19 November 2007

The loyal slave learns to love the lash

Monday! Mondays mean new strips, and when I upload the non-poppy header that will be more apparent.

Fellow Squat player Stephane Montabert got in touch last week. He's the guy responsible for the Epic Squats linked off to on the left. He's got a damn-gorgeous army I'm incredibly envious of, especially the Hellbore with the original plastic tracks intact.

Stephane's gorgeous Squats.

Anyway, Mr. Montabert told me that his army wasn't the end to his Squat endeavours, and he's modelled an Epic-scale Squat stronghold for them to fight over. Check it out here.

As if all that Squatting wasn't enough, fleshtuxedo got in touch to show off his 40k Squats.

Fleshtuxedo's red squats.

The traditional Squat colours are red and green. Many years back I tried doing my Squats red, but it was far too rich a colour and they all looked like Father Christmas. Flesh's pulled off an earthy red scheme that really works well with the miniatures. I look forward to seeing his army grow, especially when he gets onto the tanks. Ohhh, tanks.

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Friday, 16 November 2007

Getting Shirty

I've got the new Flame On shirts in hand now. Just in time to take to Heat 3. Rocking.

Don't I look the stylish fellow?

Shout out to Lee, the graphic design pal who knows all the clever pantone stuff and whose book I used to pick out the colours.

Problem is getting them back home on my bike. Best idea so far has been to put them all on and then cycle home like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. At least it would keep me warm.

In the words of Flame On: Flame On!

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Monday, 12 November 2007

Master of the Obvious

There's now a third strip. Just enough to see the majesty of the archive navigation buttons in all their cannibalised-php glory. Just click and watch as they turn from white to grey.

And I've started to bulk out some of the site's content too! The Squat FAQ is now up in its first draft. For those that don't know me, I am currently using a Squat army. Yes. Squats. "Why?" I hear you ask. Well, that's not one of the questions I've answered but check it out nonetheless. Watch it as it grows and develops into an overly-long geek discourse.

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Sunday, 11 November 2007

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Noticed how the large 7" Apocalypse template has the numbers 1-12 on it for scatter?

Well, someone at Flame On did, and suggested that it would make an excellent clock.

too much time on hands?

Continue reading...

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

New Strip

Ninjabread's second strip! And now it's available you can navigate all (read: both) Ninjabread strips with some funky php buttons cannibalised from Design Meme.

A massive thanks should go out at this point to Jonny Blower, the dude who's mentored me through the technical side of launching Ninjabread. Raise your glass to the fine fellow without whom none of this would be possible.

Dan Abnett is a man who has written so much he probably accounts for a good third of the lit in my comic shelf. And I've yet to get any of the Gaunt's Ghosts series. His predilection for anti-grav vehicles in his 40K is at odds with Workshop's current fluff (where jetbikes are so rare the Master of the Ravenwing has one, and the rest of the Imperium has precisely none), but it's not always been this way. In fact, back in the days of 1st edition, Land Speeders were the most commonly-found vehicles in the Imperial Army. I wonder if Dan knows that.

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Friday, 2 November 2007

Sculpty Sneaky

Here's a sneaky-peek of the second-to-last model I need to do for my Heat 3 army.

Should I call it the Sallidus?

Can you guess what it is yet?


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