Thursday, 22 November 2007

I'll be armed and ready

Lot of last minute Heat 3 prep at the moment - painting and printing. Had my final two practice games for the GT this today and yesterday. One win at Dice Not, one draw at Flame On. Going down tomorrow morning, so the night'll be spent basing Squats.

I drastically redesigned the entire army Sunday night, even choosing an entirely different set of doctrines. As such, the painting aspect has gone entirely out the window and my army will be a slight mishmash of models. But, as I decided I didn't ever stand a chance of nominating, I'm fine with this. A little ashamed as I hate taking models that aren't my best, but happy that my list is finally working. Glenn has come to my aid once again lending me some Daemonhunter Stormtroopers.

The rewrite included adding a pair of Sentinels with Autocannons. I've converted these up, here's a WIP.

Squat sentinel baby - yeh!

I want to give them armoured moustaches like the Exo-armoured Hearthguard. Maybe after the tournament.

Meanwhile, it's everyday Transformers contest over at b3ta this week. Let's me wheel out one of my favourite images ever...

With two tape decks and a microphone/ I bang on my guitar

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