Monday, 19 November 2007

The loyal slave learns to love the lash

Monday! Mondays mean new strips, and when I upload the non-poppy header that will be more apparent.

Fellow Squat player Stephane Montabert got in touch last week. He's the guy responsible for the Epic Squats linked off to on the left. He's got a damn-gorgeous army I'm incredibly envious of, especially the Hellbore with the original plastic tracks intact.

Stephane's gorgeous Squats.

Anyway, Mr. Montabert told me that his army wasn't the end to his Squat endeavours, and he's modelled an Epic-scale Squat stronghold for them to fight over. Check it out here.

As if all that Squatting wasn't enough, fleshtuxedo got in touch to show off his 40k Squats.

Fleshtuxedo's red squats.

The traditional Squat colours are red and green. Many years back I tried doing my Squats red, but it was far too rich a colour and they all looked like Father Christmas. Flesh's pulled off an earthy red scheme that really works well with the miniatures. I look forward to seeing his army grow, especially when he gets onto the tanks. Ohhh, tanks.

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