Monday, 17 December 2007

Aeronautica Aliquantulorum

At the Club Challenge last year I treated myself to an box of Eldar Aeronautica Imperialis. They're gorgeous, and I've been taking my time painting them in a crimson Void Dragon scheme.

Damned small.

I swear these were dust-free when I photographed them. These ships are freaking tiny, what you see in the photo above is smaller than my thumbnail. The wings are literally paper-thin. They flex when you look at them. I'm looking forward to fielding them in Epic or AI.

Luckily Dave challenged me to a game of AI this evening, but he's got Eldar too (gasp). To stop a internecine war I'm going to field ... Squats.


I've got a pair of Overlords, a squadron of Iron Eagles and some allied Thunderbolts. No clue what I can do with them, I'll try and wing it.


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