Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Apocalypse Then

I had my first game of Apocalypse over the weekend. I took my Squats, who took to the battle alongside Booker's Wulfen (who deployed next to the Squats on account of them both having facial hair), Craig's Cobra Commandoes and Ben's Tank Company.

We faced off against Matt's Night Lords, John's Word Bearers, my loaned Thousand Sons, and Ben's mighty Daemonic Warhound.

In game shot.

Warmaster Gorun attempted a daring manoeuvre to combat this Daemonic Warhound. He tunnelled directly behind it in the incredibly thin strip between the rear armour and the board edge. Luckily the scatter dice came up HIT. (Not so lucky was his lieutenant Magnus Ulthang, who attempted exactly the same tactic but scattered and ended up very dead). Gorun and his command squad were placed in a prime position to deliver a deadly payload!

Gorun versus the titan photo.

No, not Gorun's trusty Boltgun.

No, not the squad's flamer (which was, for the first time ever, in range).

No, not even his medic's laspistol.

Gorun was toting a vortex grenade. How very retro.

With the Imperial forces stripping the engine of its void shields Warmaster Gorun threw his grenade with verve and gusto!

It went horribly wrong, missed, scattered backwards and subsequently sucked the mighty Squat hero into the Warp. No getting back from that with bionics.

Despite that, the Imperial won the day, and much fun was had by all.

Matt's put a full write-up on the Dice Not Blog. Have a read here.


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