Monday, 10 December 2007

Post Tournament Funk

There've been no news posts since Heat 3. I've even been getting phone calls from people desperate to know.

Photo of all the lovely tickets.

Turned up Friday afternoon after travelling down with Flame On, and ran straight into Team Ireland. If anyone would be in Bugman's before Flame On it would have to be the Irish. We first met them back in Poland at the European Team Championships. Rog bears an uncanny resemblance to a number of my Squats...

Squat left, Roger right.

I was worried about going against Tau so I played a friendly against Craig with his 13 Crisis Suits. I'm still no clearer on how on Earth majority toughness, casualty removal and drones all mesh together but it was a fun game with a friend over a Guinness.

It was this social side of the tournament I enjoyed the most. Chilling en masse in the bar, playing Risk at Bugman's, rocking out at Rock City stripped to the waist. The weekend was really two nights out interspersed with daytime 40K. As people wanted to qualify for the finals the atmosphere was tense, like an exam hall. Intense concentration with a time limit. Work hard, play hard. Well, er, play 40K hard, play hard.

The Saturday things were looking good, one win, one loss, one draw. I'd triumphed against the dreaded Lash of Submission thanks to Inquisitor Hood and his trusty Psychic Hood. Overnight I was scraping into the bottom of the qualification window and there was everything to play for. Importantly, 3 fun games. Intense, but fun.

Sunday morning. Started with Harelquins in a Holo-Falcon. I hate Holo-Falcons. Well, it actually started in Rock City, but nevermind. I'd managed to infiltrate my Veterans' Lascannons within direct LoS of his stationary Falcons and would have shafted them had I got the first turn. Well, I didn't and I lost horribly. I could no longer qualify. Game over man.

I don't feel to great about my Squats any more. Perhaps I only have myself to blame. Somewhere along the way I destroyed my real Squat army by tuning and optimising the list to compete in the GT environment. Warmaster Gorun, my favourite Squat model ever was left at home with his command squad. My Techpriest Enginseer and his Chimera were left as neither were scoring units. My Mole Mortars Squadron were dropped as they weren't AP3. My Rapier Laser Destroyers were replaced with standard lascannons for fear of being pulled up on WYSIWYG. The army was topped up with models painted in just 3 block colours to meet the minimum painting standard. I squeezed the life out the army, and refused to display it at lunchtimes as I was ashamed.

I had started to embrace the win-at-all-costs mentality, and then failed to win. It's a dangerous path. My Squats will soon retire from the tournament circuit and be replaced with an army that won't be corrupted by the tournament mentality. I'm not cut out for top-end tournament play.

Congratulations to Christian Bale for Best Army. He's White Dwarf's Graphic Designer so he's turbo-cool.


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At Friday, 10 September 2010 at 19:24:00 BST , Blogger freaky fre said...

first time that I see your blog. I like the idee how you mix 40K with other miniatures. all you need is the right scenery and a great story. ;) freaky fre miniatures.


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