Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Double Teaming

Matt and I have been busy this last month getting our forces ready for the Games Workshop Doubles Tournament. For those of you unfamiliar with Doubles, it's two allied 500 point forces that have to conform to awkward restrictions for the 2nd elites, fast attack and heavy support choices. The real challenge of the event is choosing two forces that complement each other. Me and Matt chose Orks and Dark Eldar.

Orks and Dark Eldar? How can that be justified fluffwise? Well, to make things even more bizarre we threw something else into the mix ... Genestealers.

Dark Eldar and Orks combine, with the magic 40k Genestealer glue

Once upon a time, a cunning Haemonculus had come across some Genestealers, those six-limbed aliens famous for stealing genes. His experiments splicing the Stealer DNA with his own creations weren't successful, creating only horrible deformed Eldar/Stealer hybrids (for which Matt had modelled up some Grotesques). The Eldar physiology wasn't tough enough, but their Ork slaves' was...

It all fits nicely together modelling-wise. The Dark Eldar Warrior plastics even have five crests on their helmets, making them look niddy.

My Stealer/Orks (Greenstealers) will be developed over the coming year into an complete and independent force. More pictures to follow when I've finished modelling all their new trophies on.

Trophies! Yes, they've got trophies from the many enemies they hideously butchered. Our weekend's Doubles gaming went rather well. We won four of our six games, managing to climb as high as table 6 for the last round before being smacked down by Allen and Nathan's Taudar. I did manage to shoot down a Holoed-up Prism though, as Allen had cockily parked it on top of impassible terrain where a its vectored engines did nothing to help my lucky immobilised result. With the new Ork Codex out that Kan will be getting a Kustom Mega Blasta made out of a Prism Cannon.

Nice thing about playing Doubles is the second player. We were able to spot the flaws in each others' tactics, and we could draw upon twice as much experience. I definitely want to do it again. Hope Matt does too, (not that my constant disregard for his advice cost us any games).

Roll on the 2008 Season.


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