Wednesday, 9 January 2008

It'd bollocksed up

My sweetly ignorant girlfriend is to thank for this strip. Being entirely baffled by wargames (other than knowing she's not allowed to touch any of my 'little plastic men') she actually reads most of the padding White Dwarf is full of, and picked up on their choice of words.

This is Ninjabread's 10th strip, which means I am now considering the site permanently established. You can go back to the beginning and see how the quality and style has fluctuated during these initial endeavours.

In other news, Ninjabread does indeed seem to be back and fully functional. In case you missed it I was having some issues yesterday. I thought I'd broken it with my own fiddling, but it turns out it was my hosting company's fault.


Posted by Curis at 1:01 pm


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