Thursday, 3 January 2008


Welcome to 2008. I saw the New Year in in the Welsh capital city Cardiff.

Cardiff's main pull for geeky tourists like myself is that Russel T. Davies films a lot of his new reimagined Doctor Who here. The city is crawling with locations. In fact, Torchwood, Doctor Who's bastard offspring series is entirely set here. I find both series' Celtocentricity deeply irritating.

Wales is also famous for its national dish - cheese-on-toast. It's very difficult to find in Cardiff as the place is bursting with chain Italian restaurants.

Anyway, I did visit the Millennium Bay and admired the fountain. Problem was, that all those thoughts of running water made me need the loo.

Having a slash on Torchwood.

Oh no! Turns out that very flagstone was the secret entrance to Torchwood!

Torchwood's secret entrance as seen in Episode 1 - Everything Changes.


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