Friday, 18 January 2008

When Chaos Attacks

You may well know I've been playing a lot of Battle for Armageddon of late, but I had yet to try the supplement Chaos Attack. (If you're interested, you can download them for free from Games Workshop's Specialist Games site.)

Chaos Attack is set during 500 years previous, when Angron invaded. He paused halfway through his campaign to build statues to the Chaos Gods, which allowed Logan Grimnar time to organise the second continent's defences, and summon a whole pile of Grey Knights. He was subsequently banished back to the Warp for 100 years.

You may also know that The Chaos Attack supplement allows you to field Squats, much to my glee. With this in mind I went over to Rob's to give it a go.

He rightly pointed out that since we were playing the First Invasion, Inquisitor Horst and the Golgothan Squats didn't turn up for another 500 years. However, much to my glee, turns out the Chaos side get Chaos Squats! Both Khorne and Nurgle flavours. Here they are having just stomped on Helsreach Hive with Angron himself and the Deaths Head Titan Legion.

Chaos Squats in Armageddon, who'd know they'd be so ace?

(I wonder if the writers knew that Deaths Head were also an elite Waffen-SS division. Perhaps they were oblivious, like Simon Furman when he wrote the character Death's Head in the 1980s Marvel Comics.)

As a testament to the game's designers the Chaos play very differently to the original Orks. I was expecting them to swamp the Imperials under sheer weight of numbers, and then see if the Imperials could recover with their Build Phases. However, the Chaos player has to be more cautious, especially as he lacks the surprise attack rules. At the end of turn 8 I only had 4 Chaos counters left on the table, and lacked the numbers to occupy 2 of the 4 hives I'd destroyed. Rob had come very close to winning throughout, but was ultimately unable to roll a those 4-ups to banish Angron back to the Warp.

Great game. And there's a tonne of variants still to try.


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