Thursday, 15 May 2008

A world of jackpots and corporate values

Sillily I gave all my bases to the club to base up the many many trees we have. This has left me without any 40mm round bases the stick my exo-armoured models on now I'm experimenting fielding them as Grey Knight terminators.

The Crypt was all out of the bases, as was the local Games Workshop. I phoned every GW store in the area, and none of them had any. Word on the street is that they're discontinuing the packs dedicated to just one base type and replacing them with blisters that give you a little bit of everything. Not very useful.

And while I'm moaning, it's impossible to navigate to the store locator on the UK GW site. And when you do get there having to use your Google-Fu, they don't even have the opening hours listed, so you have to phone. Not at all helpful.

Luckily, Glenn came to my rescue, kindly furnishing me with enough bases for the squad. Here he is forced into the bright daylight of a gorgeous Saturday morning

Cheers Glenn!


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