Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Toy Soldier VII

My Squats have taken once again to the field of battle! As the sun has now set on 4th ed 40K, my Squats appeared at Toy Soldier VII in Preston to take on all-comers.

Squats!  In fourth's dying days!

They were joined by their regular friend, Inquisitor "Hood" Hargen, helping bulk them out to the 1750 pts required and defending their minds with his titular Psychic Hood. As I was also fielding a Callidus, Hargen was promoted to Lord Inquisitor, and had a mandatory retinue of suitable oldskool models, inclusing this old Judge Dredd Ape Gangster Citadel produced under licence in the 1980s. Here he is failing to kill an Eversor with a banana.

Squats!  In fourth's dying days!

Vikarius's Battle Cannon mercilessly obliterating the Sister Troops choices. Although we were playing 4th edition, the missions were based on the 5th edition hearsay floating around at the time the rulespack was put together. That meant Troops were exterminated with extreme bias.

Squats!  In fourth's dying days!

And here they are, fighting against some Classic Space Wolves. Old lead models with beards. Most of these Space Wolves were released in the Rogue Trader era. Lovely.

Squats!  In fourth's dying days!

At the end of the tournament, they'd managed 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. That's impressive for Squats. Have to reconfigure them for 5th ed now.

In site news, I fluffed up the end of my six-month hiatus by missing it by a whole 4 days. Oops. There's been a bit of behind-the-scenes cleanup going on, and some changes will be coming int effect soon. Keep watching this space.


Posted by Curis at 7:02 am


At Thursday, 23 October 2008 at 15:14:00 BST , Blogger Pete said...

Those Squats look a bit familiar to me. Did you get them off a good looking 29 year old? Oh yeah, Matt says your gay.

At Friday, 24 October 2008 at 12:52:00 BST , Blogger Chris said...

Actually no Pete. I've not painted any of the 40K ones you sold me, just the Epic scale dudes.

True story.


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