Thursday, 16 October 2008

2p or not 2p

Since the basing restrictions in Epic are so loose, I've opted for basing infantry on 2 pence pieces rather than the standard 40x10mm bases, or the less common 20mmx20mm Space Marine era bases. The game mechanics don't hinge around base size or shape (like they do with, say, Warmaster), so as long as you're not being a nobber you can do what you like.

Not mince pies.

The regimented 5-in-a-row look of the standard Epic bases doesn't work for Orks visually. Marines and Guard suit it, where they look like they're advancing in awe-inspiring formation, in their neatly-arranged squads. Orks just swarm, with very little in the way of force organisation. Clumps of infantry just look right, not lines.

On top of that, my vehicles are all on round bases, and so it keeps the army looking consistent. I can't stand mixing round and square bases.

Hey look, if you squint that picture looks like a plate of pies.


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