Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I see a Bad Moon rising

Cute Bad Moon Fighta Bombas. Wooo, they're the tiny Epic 40K era ones, not Forge World's ginormous Aeronautca Imperialis ones. I love them.

Let's all sing Creedence Clearwater Revival.

They might get some snow on their bases to match my other Epic army, and (as-yet-unmade) personal gaming board. And they're not varnished yet. I'll give them nice matt finishes, and then high-gloss cockpits.

I've always favoured brash, bright schemes for miniatures. They should be colourful and vibrant, not drab. If you carefully paint a miniature in a subtle came scheme and place it on the table, then it disappears. No-one can see them, and the visual spectacle of the army is gone. Doubly so with 6mm scale - the infantry models are the size of clumps of basing material, and get lost.

This Bad Moon army will stand out a mile.

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