Friday, 10 October 2008

Just one cage

More copying the standard studio schemes. This time, it's Deneghra, the most diminutive of the Cryx casters. She was bought as a present, and so she went straight to the front of the Cryx painting queue.

Champion rack.

This was my second attempt at painting the girl. The first time I used the Vallejo Game Color (eurgh american spelling) silvers, and it came out truly awful. They had that glittery finish that put me in mind of fairground bumper cars. I got sulky, and threw her in my undersink Nitromors jar. For my second attempt I wet out and bought some of the GW metals - I must say, (price aside) they're the best metals on the market, and produce a gorgeously even finish.

Only problem with Deneghra is she's, well, 'meh'. She's not a 10-foot tall steampunk skellington, or a zombie pirate dragon - she's just an unimposing little girl with very straightforward colours. Maybe in time I'll do another in a more striking scheme, with marble green armour plates, and lots of runic tattoos.

I do like the way her skin came out. I wanted her to stand out from all the green/grey Thralls, and look healthy and alive, but still eeeeevil.


Posted by Curis at 1:14 am


At Saturday, 11 October 2008 at 17:08:00 BST , Blogger Matt said...

And I've still got her stats card!! Trade you for the cash that you owe the club now that you have the battlemat!

At Sunday, 12 October 2008 at 13:27:00 BST , Blogger Chris said...

Fine. Okay. Humph.

Wait a minute - it's the weekend. How on Earth are you on the Internet?


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