Thursday, 27 November 2008

Literally crackers

Rob pointed out someone's gone one better than my Cheese Falcon, and made an entire army out of cheese.

Bigger than cheeses?

It's for HOTT (Horde of the Things), where such things are possible.

Posted by Curis at 10:13 am

Friday, 21 November 2008

Good intentions heal the soul

Glossy soul tokens I've been agonising over.

Take from our souls the strain and stress.

Problem is how to base them. They're little chunks of metal with a very sharp edge around the base. They'll chip easily. It's something I'm countering on my Epic models by gluing them to coins. But unless I glue stuff to the obverse of the coin you can see the design through the paint. And basing them to match my fledling force looks odd - the token ends too abruptly and it looks like an odd novelty fountain. And some regular opponents said it would make them too big and they'd get in the way during games.

In the end I just elected to gloss varnish them. What a cop out.


Posted by Curis at 2:42 pm

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

More Cryx

My first Cryx model I did - the Pistol Wraith. I love this model as it's got a later-Castlevania vibe going on.

Juese Belmont!.

The biggest model in my Cryx army so far. And the most ineffectual. The Slayer.

Hello, we're Slayer.

I've got a heavy wreck marker for this too. I should have painted that first as it spends more time on the table than the Jack itself. Humph.


Posted by Curis at 12:23 pm

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sharks in custard

My Fighta Bomba Swadron has swelled to six strong.

Now four times more deadly.

Originally my list featured two 3-strong swadronz, until it was suggested I merged them. Both swadronz went after the tended to pick on the same unit anyway, so I'm losing little in the way of flexibility. They take only half as much flak now.

There's maybe a tad too much red on some of these. I use the red to cover the areas I've messed up the yellow on. Sometimes it just starts over-powering the model. But rather than obsess over repainting bits, I'll just call them finished and aim to not repeat the mistake on the next batch of models.


Posted by Curis at 10:41 pm

Monday, 10 November 2008

Bellies gonna getcha

With a few more train journeys, I've had the time to finish my Bile Thralls.

Belly's gonna getcha.

It's a little frustrating having sunk hours into doing the whole unit of ten, only for them to be worth 65 points in total. The first 350 of my Cryx was done so quickly, with the Slayer and Deneghra. Bile Thralls are a poor points-per-pence ratio, but they may actually help me lose less.

I've stuck them up on CoolMiniOrNot, so you can go vote should you so wish.


Posted by Curis at 6:04 pm

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