Monday, 22 December 2008



Left to right: An unmolested Bone Cruncha (Gunwagon), a Flakwagon with a Doomdiver Magna Cannon (Flakwagon), an unmolested Epic 40K Wagon (Gunwagon), an unmolested Giblet Grinda suffering slightly from lead rot (Gunfort), a Space Marine Battlwagon with a Weirdboy Tower (Gunwagon with Oddboy upgrade), a Bone Cruncha with an Epic 40K turret (Gunwagon), and a Brain Crusha with a Space Marine Battlewagon Turret (Gunwagon). A veritable smorgasbord of cross-generation conversions.

One criticism levelled at Epic: Armageddon by the previous generation of gamers is that all the old variants of vehicles have been abstracted out. Lung Bursta/Bone Cruncha/Gobsmasha/Brain Crusha/Gut Rippa/Bowel Burna/Spleen Rippa/Gobsmasha/Battlewagon - they're all gone and replaced by either a Gunwagon or a Battlewagon. They say it's a blandening of the game. I disagree. I am paralysed by inconsequential choices. Should I field a squadron of Bone Crunchas or Gut Rippas? The difference between an Ork vehicle with a big spiky steamroller on the front and an Ork vehicle with a big pair of klawz on the front is quite minor when you zoom out to Epic scale. They can be represented with the same profile, leaving people like me to freely mix and match the models that take their fancy.

And, secondly, my objective markers. A crashed plane (a staple of Epic conversions), an exploded Stompa, and my command bunker which will be my Blitzkrieg.

Objectives markers!

I'm rather chuffed with my command bunker. It's simply the top panel from a Battlefort with all the guns cut off. I've got several more of these knocking about I could do a settlement out of. Much better than the mud huts of old.


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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Ninjabread Christmas

Wishing you an HMVy Christmas.
Here at Ninjabread Towers we're choosing Christmas decorations that complement the site. That means a tiny 2ft tree in black and hot pink.

Damn fiddly to photograph, but such a festive outpouring of style and taste needs to be shared with the world. And no-one that visits my flat knows I do this site. So that leaves you, the web-savvy leadheads.

Also, marvel at the 16:9 ratio my camera takes its photos in. I feel like I'm living my life in a fantastically cinematic fashion with all this widescreen malarkey. Before long this site will be directed by Michael Bay and feature lots of things blowing up in slow-motion. The quality of the writing will, however, remain unchanged.

Now to write another slightly-drunked paragraph so there isn't a gap beside this wonderful left-floated picture of me tree. La la la.


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Friday, 19 December 2008

Just like cigarette snow

In the New Year I'll be working on my Epic Squats, who can fight my Epic Bad Moonz (who WILL have 3000 points finished by Christmas). And when both forces are done, they can fight each other on my own matching gaming board - representing the Squat home world of Golgotha.

So, Matt came round last week and together we spent the day building some terrain. Amongst it all, I carved a rocky hill out of some polystryrene, and used it as a test piece for my Golgotha board.

There is a green hill far away.

I've painted it to match the bases of the few Squat test models I've done so far. A dark green/grey, with dead vegetation and a light dusting of snow. It's following a little research in Ork and Squat Warlords that says the Squat home worlds are grey. I took that literally, and made it a little more (space) dwarven by making it mountainous and snowy.

Outside a city wall.

These were both taken with my shiny brand new camera my awesome ladyfriend got me as an early Christmas present. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it's got a huge touchscreen on the back which lets me do all sorts of clever things like change the focal point or scroll through. No more fiddly buttons.

Red ones go faster.


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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Geek whinge

My major beef with the new Games Workshop website is that it's done with so little care. Time and time again you get the sense the entire thing was put together by lifeless automata. Then you consider the entire site is geared towards acting as a shop, the bit where you buy the product is so careless.

I was in Games Workshop a fortnight ago ordering some items from Mail Order through their website. In an incredible display of bad web design I was trapped in a cycle of pages that only let me cancel or edit my order - not actually purchase it. I was trapped in a recursive loop of pages from which there was no way out. And starting again didn't work either. It utterly bamboozled me, two staff members and finally the shop manager. They resolved the issue by phoning the order through to Mail Order the next day.

But this isn't an isolated bit of bad design. It's all-pervasive. From big things like not enabling you to buy models, to little annoying niggles.

So, you're browsing the site and you come across this funky product:

Hello Mark.

Aha! You read that description: This boxed set contains 1 metal Space Marine in Mk 1 armour, 1 metal Space Marine in Mk 2 armour, 1 metal Space Marine in Mk 3 armour, 1 metal Space Marine in Mk 4 armour and 1 metal Space Marine in Mk 5 armour,...

There are better ways of writing that sentence. There are conciser ways of writing that sentence. There are more exciting way to write that sentence.

But look at the punctuation at the end of the description - a comma followed by an ellipsis. For starters it's written as three full stops and not the Unicode ellipsis character BUT THAT'S ME BEING INCREDIBLY PEDANTIC.

But the ellipsis indicates there's more to the description. As does that read more button. So you click and you get this extended description:

Hello Mark.

No, it's not extended, it ends on that awkward comma.

Then you get treated to a selection of gallery of pictures showing the item. This veritable smorgasbord consists:

Hello Mark.


Hello Mark.

Poor showing.

That pathetic rant's out my system now. Time to get on with my life.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

First Warband

Almost a complete Warband done. I think mixing the older SM-era boyz with some of the obselete troop types (Madboyz, Stormboyz on foot, Lootas) really breaks up the stands and makes them look a lot more interesting.

What's that coming over the hill?  Is it a stompa?

Just needs a few more Dreddz, and their Flakwagon.


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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

First Wreck

I've got a self-imposed Christmas deadline for both my Bad Moon and my Cryx. By Christmas they're to be at 3000 and 500 points full-painted respectively. This wreck marker is one of the last few pieces that needs doing.

Slayer wreck

This marker was painted on a train last Saturday some time around 5:15am. The train was deserted so it was done with a minimal of bizarre looks from other passengers.


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