Saturday, 20 December 2008

Ninjabread Christmas

Wishing you an HMVy Christmas.
Here at Ninjabread Towers we're choosing Christmas decorations that complement the site. That means a tiny 2ft tree in black and hot pink.

Damn fiddly to photograph, but such a festive outpouring of style and taste needs to be shared with the world. And no-one that visits my flat knows I do this site. So that leaves you, the web-savvy leadheads.

Also, marvel at the 16:9 ratio my camera takes its photos in. I feel like I'm living my life in a fantastically cinematic fashion with all this widescreen malarkey. Before long this site will be directed by Michael Bay and feature lots of things blowing up in slow-motion. The quality of the writing will, however, remain unchanged.

Now to write another slightly-drunked paragraph so there isn't a gap beside this wonderful left-floated picture of me tree. La la la.


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