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Left to right: An unmolested Bone Cruncha (Gunwagon), a Flakwagon with a Doomdiver Magna Cannon (Flakwagon), an unmolested Epic 40K Wagon (Gunwagon), an unmolested Giblet Grinda suffering slightly from lead rot (Gunfort), a Space Marine Battlwagon with a Weirdboy Tower (Gunwagon with Oddboy upgrade), a Bone Cruncha with an Epic 40K turret (Gunwagon), and a Brain Crusha with a Space Marine Battlewagon Turret (Gunwagon). A veritable smorgasbord of cross-generation conversions.

One criticism levelled at Epic: Armageddon by the previous generation of gamers is that all the old variants of vehicles have been abstracted out. Lung Bursta/Bone Cruncha/Gobsmasha/Brain Crusha/Gut Rippa/Bowel Burna/Spleen Rippa/Gobsmasha/Battlewagon - they're all gone and replaced by either a Gunwagon or a Battlewagon. They say it's a blandening of the game. I disagree. I am paralysed by inconsequential choices. Should I field a squadron of Bone Crunchas or Gut Rippas? The difference between an Ork vehicle with a big spiky steamroller on the front and an Ork vehicle with a big pair of klawz on the front is quite minor when you zoom out to Epic scale. They can be represented with the same profile, leaving people like me to freely mix and match the models that take their fancy.

And, secondly, my objective markers. A crashed plane (a staple of Epic conversions), an exploded Stompa, and my command bunker which will be my Blitzkrieg.

Objectives markers!

I'm rather chuffed with my command bunker. It's simply the top panel from a Battlefort with all the guns cut off. I've got several more of these knocking about I could do a settlement out of. Much better than the mud huts of old.


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