Sunday, 5 April 2009

New Stuff!

With the year's first Altrincham Assault been and gone, it's time to focus on some more Warmachine painting. I love how I can go at turtle pace with these figures, and still attend tournaments.

First off is Orin Midwinter. I got increasingly frustrated with my casting halfway through painting as it had a big blobby eye that made him look like he'd just sneezed with one eye open. I picked up another, and ultracurses, it had exactly the same miscast. I figure it's a defect in the moulds rather than the castings, so rather than hunt for a third I carved out his bad eye and made him a new one with putty.

I tweaked his colours slightly – I felt the red the studio example's in screams Khador too much. And, it would stick out like a sore thumb in all my drab rot and rust colours. I even swapped the browns for Cryx Bane to tie it into my army's scheme.

Secondly here's my Bloat Thrall. I wanted to give him a pose more dynamic than a sat-down spider that his medium-sized base allows. So I extended it with a piece of bark (with steel pins running through it for strength), and then reposed all his legs. He's actually balancing on three, his front right is in the air pondering his next step.

I love this model. It's got a real oldskool Warzone vibe.


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