Saturday, 26 September 2009

Golden Demon tomorrow

Golden Demon tomorrow! I'm flat out finishing off my entry, here's a WIP.

Redtro Blood Angel

It's the first time in years I've entered Golden Demon. It's my first serious entry since I was a naive teenager, when Games Day was a major deal for me. I remember shivering with excitement the week before at school getting to go off for the day with all the guys in my teenaged gaming group and running amock in a beminiatured frenzy at the NIA.

Different this year. I went last year in the knowledge that I've grown out of a lot of the things that make it appealing. I now view it with that cynical detachment that gorwn ups have, rather than a kiddy frenzy. I would dearly love to be the right age to throw myself into the participation games with a sugar-fuelled abandon, run around swapping the contents of mystery boxes and gluing randomness together in the Scrap Demons. It's kind of like Monsterpocalypse to me - something that would appeal to me were I a decade younger.

But the Golden Demon awards are the major pull for me now. I entered them years back when I was young enough to qualify for Young Bloods. I also (very precociously) entered the mainstream contest, unaware quite how astronomical the standards of painting there are. I was crushed when I didn't get a statuette, but as a kid I had bounced back in minutes.

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