Saturday, 17 October 2009

Farewell Space Ork Raiders

Periodically I get rid of old armies wholesale. People get very attached to armies, and vow never to sell them, but I've found there comes a time where years of gaming takes it toll and the army needs either a complete overhaul or selling.

So, back in 2002 I found I was amassing a growing collection of Rogue Trader era Orks. Here are some pictures from back in the day I took for CoolMiniOrNot.

Retro Orks!

Retro Orks!

So, I was painting all these old old Orks, and wanting to get them onto the tabletop. But how? Using the then-current Ork Codex obviously. But all my Orks had Boltguns, and with a Ballistic Skill of 2 and Shootas being a Rapid Fire weapon under the 3rd edition rules Ork Shoota boys weren't a viable infantry choice. And what to do with my Madboyz and Weirdboyz?

Well, I found a solution. The army was fielded under the White Dwarf Feral Ork list where Orks had BS3. Shoota Boyz were now much more viable. The army was taken to the WPS Club Challenge back in 2002 and did, well, averagely. But it felt great to take them to the battlefield in all their lurid-coloured glory. Waaaagh Robobeard shook the world.

Fast forward six years and my 1,500 point Ork/Genestealer Hybridz army is looking at going to some 2,000 point tournaments. But where to get those extra 500 points? I dug out my Rogue Trader Orks and bolted them on the end. I justified it to myself background-wise by saying Kaptin Robobeard was now a Freebooter who Genestealer Patriarch Xerxes had hired to bolster his forces. Old and new Orks fought alongside each other as one. They were no longer Feral Orks as the new Ork Codex was out (making the White Dwarf list obsolete), and Shootas changed to Assault 2 weapons. Huzzah.

Here they are fighting against Jonathan Last's Deathwing. This was very apt and cinematic as at some point Robobeard had swapped the dead Squat on his base for a dead Dark Angel (made using one of the Limited Edition Christmas Marines).

Retro Orks!

Here they are in lines, striking fear into their foes with their warpaint. (Hey, I got bored doing all that green flesh. And they were Feral Orks anyhow.)

Retro Orks!

And here they are fighting Amanda Rutter's mish-mash Tyranid army. So many different colour schemes on display they make my army look cohesive.

Retro Orks!

What for them next? Well - France. Some guy in France bought most of them. What he intends, we may never know.

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