Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fake Persians from Italy

On a complete whim I bought a Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team from an indie manufacturer that had caught my eye - Gaspez Arts. I did want to get them finish for Golden Hat X over at Chaos Dwarfs Online, but life got in the way.

Our arrows will blot out the Sun!

There's my finalised scheme in the middle. I did originally do a more caucasian skin, but it looked a bit bland. I remembered the fourth edition Chaos Dwarfs were heavily influenced by the Persian Empire, so I experimented with darker tones (a la 300). And then, rather than classic Red Era red, I settled on a pinkish hue that makes them look evil and dedicated to Hashut, while also retaining an air of foreign decadence. (Oh dear, it sounds like I'm reviewing a wine or something.)

I bought the starter team as I'm largely oblivious to how to build an actual team. It seemed balance. You get four Chaos Dwarf blockers, and two of them had sillily small helmets that are actually smaller than the heads they enclose (compared to the unhelmeted models). It seems one of the tropes of miniatures. Here's the official Gaspez Arts studio photograph of what it looks like uncoverted

Our arrows will blot out the Sun!

I clipped off the horns and bulked out the helmets with Brown Stuff. I'm just experimenting with horns at the moment from plastic Chaos Warriors. I want little forward-facing horns but I can't find any in my bits box.

And instead of finishing off the team we went to a Halloween house party last night. My housemates made quasi-pumpkins out of some spare black gem squashes we had around. They're little black mini-pumpkins we bought but had no idea how to actually eat.

Black Gem Squash from Robinsons

And one of the other attendees had carved this awesome geek pumpkin.

Nah nah nah nah nah.  Nah!

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