Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fledgling Horror Squad- Project Change X

And so, by accident I've assembled my first game-legal unit in Project Change - five Blue Horrors. That's a troop choice under the current Codex Chaos Daemons. (Well, technically not as they say Blue Horrors should be mounted two to a 25mm base but boo sucks. I'll probably get round this by insisting we all play second edition 40K where they had rules for splitting.)

Argh!  The Horror!

Yes, this is yet another Generation One Blue Horror. Rather than painting the arms from the elbow up as pink as I have with the other four I tried another shade of blue. Honestly, I'm not too keen but I can always change it later.

I've also started carving out the ends of the fingers on my Horrors, rather than painting them as holes. I need to go back and change the others eventually.

In other news, I've just come back from the Epic UK Grand Tournament where spookily I ranked ninth. More on this awesome event tomorrow.

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