Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Project Change VIII

It's the eighth Tzeentchian model in Project Change - a Generation 2 Pink Horror. This is one of the models I stripped a while back. I've not painted a second generation Horror since the first model way back when, so it's nice to return to more modern models. I say modern - they're dated 1997. Eep. time to get some Generation 3 Daemons.

Stoner eyes Horror

A straightforward pink scheme made from GW's foundation Mechrite Red highlighted with VGC's Pale Flesh and glazed with reds and purples. I particularly enjoyed doing the scary eyes. The big bloaty hands are difficult to do as there's very little shape and definition to them. Unlike the sharp features of the rest of the model there's nowhere obvious to highlight.

It's been a while since the last group shot, and now there are eight models I have enough to fill up a whole WotR movement tray.

Let's go kick Gandalf's butt


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