Saturday, 26 December 2009

Classic Flamer of Tzeentch - Project Change XIII

Back in September 1989, White Dwarf 117 had a page chock full of models painted and photographed by Fraser Gray - a suitably gothic-looking man whose backdrops probably served as the inspiration for the current range of 40K terrain pieces.

Fraser Grey - well, actually more black and white.

And among the weird Tzeentch conversions were the two Flamer-based ones above I've nicked the colour scheme from. (The prototype Flamer made me wonder if originally the Horror bodies were designed to fit on the Flamer torsos, but playing around with them I conclude not.) So here's my unconverted tribute. It's come out quite differently as I was really trying to veer away from painting my model red.

G1 Flamer of Tzeentch

Now to add it to the WotR movement trays I line up the Project Change models in. Or is there a better way to display them?

Another of my hobbies is browsing discount toy shops for cheap Transformers knock-offs. On one such stupid adventure I found a Jungle Rack playset.

In the jungle the mighty jungle

I bought it in a flash and hurried home excitedly. Some glue, sand, drybrushing, grassing and bushing later I had a gorgeous tiered display piece of just the right size and shape to put in my glass display cabinets.

The classic geek display cabinet from Ikea

Bowie Inconstantine and G! Tzeentch chums

First attempt at drybrushing a terrain type of thing for a long while, so it was a learning experience. I want some more subtlety which I might achieve with weathering powders. I also want more Jungle Rack playsets, if not least to melt down the tiny plastic lions with matches.

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Finally - Modern Pink Horrors - Project Change XII

Something more modern for Project Change - a Generation 3 Pink Horror (far right - the other models are a Generation 1 Blue Horror and a Generation 2 Pink Horror). Wow, this is not the normal crazy retro lead I obsess over, but sleek and sensible modern miniatures without big goofy grins.

All three generations of Tzeentch's Horrors

Well, I say modern - these models have tab dates of 2001, and they're also in the tiny part of the current Citadel range that's still in metal. Here's hoping for plastic Horrors with the rumoured second wave of Daemons.

I have to say , this model isn't great. This is my second attempt at painting one of this generation of Horrors, and both times I've been frustrated at the indistinct detailing. Not indistinct in the gribbly Tzeentch way of "ARGH THIS ARM IS MY MOUTH AND IT'S COVERED IN EYES", but in a subtley-detailed way that's largely lost in the molding and casting process. There are warbly bits I'm not sure if I should file off because they're tentacles or feedlines. There are what I imagine started as sharp crisp details that have been rendered down to smarbly indistinct metal wibbles during the production process. Not that fun to paint when you're trying to be a perfectionist. Maybe by the time I get round to doing the others I'll be used to the quality of the casts.

Haha - just got to work out how many variations of these models there can be with all the arms and horns.

And I now have nine horrors of various generations and scales.

All three generations of Tzeentch's Horrors

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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Squat Trike Test

I cut my Epic-painting teeth on my Bad Moonz and my Dark Angels. Painting 6mm armies is very different to the normal 40K stuff, so I wanted the opportunity to mess around before I started work on my valuable Squat models. (And, sickeningly conceited as it sounds, as both my Bad Moonz and Dark Angels picked up Best Army awards this year, my Squats will look gorgeous.)

Squat trike test model

So, this is one of the test pieces, next to a pound coin since it's difficult to tell the scale with these seldom-seen models. There's a bit of minor modelling work - the rear wheels have been carved out, and the gunner's head has been reposed (so there will be a bit of variation in the completed five-strong squadron).

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ork Objective Markers

Objective markers are one of those things that often get forgotten about modelling-wise. They're deathly important in game terms, but as they neither very shooty or killy, people neglect them. They're just extra things you can't be bothered painting and so are proxied with coins or unusual dice.

Lego objective markers methinks

But for my Epic Bad Moonz, I thought I'd model a complete set. Left to right: Orks command bunker (the "Blitz"), exploderised Stompa head, cliched crashed Fighta-Bomba, and the 40K-scale Warlord (used to remember the Supreme Commander re-roll and also to give the Gargant an extra Macro-weapon attack).

Oh so pretty. And painting the classic Warboss figure was a joy. But honestly, these are rubbish counters. Why? Because they're painted and based exactly like the army. So many times my Warbands have found themselves halfway across the board lugging with them the crashed plane or their own command bunker. See if you can spot the objective below.

Lego objective markers methinks

So, for my Dark Angels I went for the far simpler objective markers from the 40K transulcent green range. They stand out lovely and never get mistaken for a stand of Marines.

Lego objective markers methinks

What have I learnt? Erm, form follows function I suppose.

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Non-Ravenwing Dark Angels Land Speeder Squadron

So, Dark Angels have black Land Speeders - the Ravenwing. But do they also have green Land Speeders that don't secretly hunt the Fallen (NOT OF TRANSFORMERS 2 FAME), jink out the path of enemy bullets and cover themselves in unaerodynamic feather motifs?

Mk1 Dark Angel Land Speeder Squadron.

1996's Codex: Angels of Death has this to say:

The 3rd, 4th and 5th [companies] are Battle Companies, each consisting of six squads of Tactical Space Marines, two of Assault and two of Devastators. These three Battle companies form the main battle lines and generally bear the brunt of the fighting. The Assault squads of the Battle company may be deployed as bike squadrons or land speeder crews.

Companies 6 and 7 are Tactical companies, each consisting of ten Tactical squads. They are intended to act as a reserve which may be used to bolster the main line, launch diversionary attacks to stem enemy flanking moves. Company 6 is also trained to use the Space Marine bike and the entire company may be deployed as bike squadrons. Similarly, Company 7 are trained to fight with land speeders and the company acts as a light vehicle reserve formation.

The 8th Company is an Assault company consisting of ten Assault squads. This is the most mobile company and is often equipped with jump packs, bikes and land speeders. The 8th Company is used in an assault role and wherever a strong hand-to-hand fighting force is needed.

But despite this apparent abundance of green Land Speeders, the Support section of the Dark Angel army list didn't include an entry for them. (Only the Tarantula, Dreadnought, Rapier, Whirlwind, Land Raider, Predator, Rhino and Razorback.) Though technically you could still get them by fielding them from an allied contingent selected through Codex Ultramarines. If you bothered to play by the rules that is, back in those days everyone just made it up as they went along.

Rock around to 1999 and Dark Angels get their own Codex, albeit a scant 24-page one that supplements Codex Space Marines. Still no green Land Speeders. No mention of anyone in the Battle or Reserve companies being able to pilot them as Games Workshop was in its fluff-lite phase.

Then, when Jervis penned the 2006 Dark Angels Codex, again the Assault Marines' ability to pilot Speeders is again overlooked.

Maybe Workshop ret-conned it all away?

But, in 2008 Matt Ward writes a beautifully in-depth Codex Space Marines, and rehashes the material from Angels of Death - there are lots of Marines floating around that can drive the floaty vehicles. Hurrah. We can extrapolate from this the current Dark Angels do have green Speeders.

And therefore, I can paint mine green. It also has the added benefit of making people less irate I'm not using the Epic UK Dark Angels list (whose Land Speeders are exclusively of the Ravenwing variety).

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tzeentch Familiar - Project Change XI

When's a Pink Horror smaller than a Blue Horror? When it's Epic scale.

Bowie Inconstantine and familiar

Look at his big cute smile. Grinning loon, like one of those giant cartoon M&Ms. You can see why this generation of Epic Chaos models have been swept under the carpet. That, and the fact that for a 6mm wargame they were ridiculously out of scale.

So, this Epic Pink Horror can also double as Bowie Inconstatine's familiar of Tzeentch. There are several familiar models Workshop have produced for Tzeentch, but none of them are quite the "miniaturised form of a Horror" Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned makes them out to be.

And because I felt like one tiny Epic model was a real con for the latest Project Change update, I also did an old Dark Elf Harpy. In a pasty pink colour that combined with the lumps around his groin makes me want to itch.

Bowie Inconstantine and familiar

"But that's not Tzeentch. That's not even proper Chaos." I hear you cry. Well, this gem from Marauder Miniatures (yes, not Citadel) was originally a Dark Elf Harpy - one of the descendants of an outcast tribe that settled in Naggaroth near Karond Kar. But in 1997 Harpies were also available to Chaos armies (as scavengers from the Northern Wastes). Ahhh - so they can be proper Chaos. And maybe this model could be used to represent a Chaos Fury - one of the undivided Daemons that conforms to the gargoyle archetype. Perhaps. Maybe. Possibly.

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