Friday, 1 January 2010

Site Updates - Happy New Year

Just having seen the Tenth Doctor regenerate in the concluding part of the festive Doctor Who special it seems entirely appropriate Ninjabread itself undergoes an amazing physical transformation. Ninjabread's old design dates back to 18th October 2007, and so in the spirit of change I'm rolling out a new improved three-column design. Yes, that's 50% more column for your browsing pleasure.

Let me also slip in a few mentions of important things that have slipped past. First, Ninjabread is running exclusive fortnightly strips over at the excellent Bell of Lost Souls. Rather awesome, so head on over there.

Secondly, thanks to HeelanHammer for the recent plug on their excellent podcast. Sadly, it was to - a domain that for years was owned by some enlightened soul selling Cafe Press merchandise of a loaf holding a katana. So in despair at the misdirected publicity I went to to tut at their tat only to discover the registration had just lapsed and was there for the taking. So now, and are one and the same place. And well, thanks to HeelanHammer for opening up that opportunity.

Happy New Year all.


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