Sunday, 13 December 2009

Squat Trike Test

I cut my Epic-painting teeth on my Bad Moonz and my Dark Angels. Painting 6mm armies is very different to the normal 40K stuff, so I wanted the opportunity to mess around before I started work on my valuable Squat models. (And, sickeningly conceited as it sounds, as both my Bad Moonz and Dark Angels picked up Best Army awards this year, my Squats will look gorgeous.)

Squat trike test model

So, this is one of the test pieces, next to a pound coin since it's difficult to tell the scale with these seldom-seen models. There's a bit of minor modelling work - the rear wheels have been carved out, and the gunner's head has been reposed (so there will be a bit of variation in the completed five-strong squadron).

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Posted by Curis at 11:30 pm


At Friday, 18 December 2009 at 14:42:00 GMT , Anonymous Cohen said...

hey curis, i've been stumbling into your site every now and then since quite a while and am always happy to see there have popped up new posts in the meantime.
i haven't visited your site for some weeks... - so now, in the bitter cold pre-xmas-time, in bed with swine flu and other bacteria, i'd like to THANK you for entertaining us with your cool blog.
your miniature-projects are close to perfect, the articles imaginative and good substitute for gw's expensive dwarf.. -and i also like your comic, which led me here for my first visit.
please keep up sharing your awesome work and have yourself some nice and healthy holidays!

best wishes from germany

ps: cool trike! i remember it being a whole lot of fun converting those tiny (epic) bastards, though i had little more than the starterbox.

At Sunday, 20 December 2009 at 00:47:00 GMT , Anonymous Curis said...

Thanks Cohen! Half of me's been wishing I could be holed up in bed for two weeks with swine flu so I was free to toy with models and tweak Ninjabread. I'm told it's quite debilitating though.

I've even done a few headswaps so some of the gunners have helmetted heads.


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